Coming back from summer-long hiatus!


As the summer ends and the second week of my senior year is in full swing, it’s about time to start blogging about my favorite controversial topic again. I’ll give you a hint, it’s feminism.


To update a few things about myself, I had foot surgery and couldn’t walk for a month (planned surgery, all is well now), I turned 21 in June (I can finally have a beer with dinner at Jackie O’s!) and was negged while trying to order pizza in Columbus. All fun things! In the world of feminism, we’ve heard a little bit about an “anti-rape” nail polish which has had some well-deserved criticism, been let down by cops in Ferguson regarding their attitudes surrounding the free press and black youth and have been shocked to read about celebrities’ nudes being leaked, or what neckbeards on Reddit and 4chan are calling “The Fappening.” What a summer.


This year, this blog will still focus on feminism, but will cover many more things within that topic. This blog will also be run mainly for pleasure and for an outlet rather than for a class. Hopefully that pleasure will show through in my writing and these changes will be for the positive rather than the contrary.


Thanks for reading and I’m excited for this year to get started!


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